Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Stretch

The ruffles on the crib stuck out so I had to cut a piece of foam core for the front and the two sides to glue it to the inside of the ruffle to make it not stick out-I used Fabric-tac.
Here, I am glueing the fabric to the styrofoam. I had to use Grrrip because the Fabric-tac MELTED the styrofoam.

The far right picture is of the crib mobile. My friend had a weiner dog named Rusty who was very special to her. The box with the board on the wall is where I drilled holes to wire the crib to. I do not want it to move.

The framed group photo is of all of Nancy's family. Her daughter emailed it to me and I altered it in my Publisher program. I could not believe the frame fit the first try.
I am getting close to finishing the little box and can not wait to give it to her.

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